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What Lies Ahead for Europe? Without Memory, There Can Be No Future!


In each French town, there is a monument to those who died fighting in the First World War. These 36,000 monuments, however, stand as a sad example of how Europe has forgotten about the victims of other wars – past, present, and future.

The Melilla Fence: the Shame of Spain and Europe


We Spaniards must apologise for the role we have been playing as border guards for both Spain and, by extension, Europe. Our governments, for example, under instruction from the supranational European Union, have imposed upon us the idea that ‘uncontrolled or illegal’ immigration is a ‘national security’ problem. And our country has been undertaking its task with flying colours, having begun the building of the ‘Melilla Fence’ in 1998.

No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters


What is there behind a label that says "dress for 9€" or "unbeatable prices"? What is there behind a toy, or a pair of shoes, or a mobile phone, or an ad for cosmetics, or behind certain brands…? Let’s have a look behind these labels, these prices, this publicity... They hide the sweat and blood of the slaves of the 21st century. Child slaves are present in every sector of the economy, where the human being itself is regarded as a throw-away commodity

The Rich Are Thieves


All of the economic directives dictated from above by the big financial powers (whether national or supranational, like the EU) to our governments have very clearly had two main aims: to preserve the profits of capitalist elites and weaken the power of work.

The Third World War


With acts of commemoration for the First World War in sight, the Pope affirmed that, “after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, [and] destruction”.

Spain at a Crossroads: There is a way out!


The building of our state institutions is shaking like it would in an earthquake, and the growing wave of corruption cases spans such a wide spectrum that it is only possible to speak of a systemic problem. Meanwhile, no one is truly convinced any more by those who say that ‘we shouldn’t generalise’ or that ‘it’s only a few isolated cases’.

Ebola and Population Control


Once again, Africa is in the news because of death, massacres, and horror: wars, mass displacements, famine, migration, shipwrecks, and illness. And, once again, the cause of such injustice and pain – the profit of multinational corporations – is kept hidden. These companies pull a smokescreen over their responsibility, and even proclaim themselves to be the solution to the problem. With the collaboration of international institutions, in this case the WHO, they attempt to legitimise the world's injustices.

Christmas Solidarity Marches for Justice


The Christian Cultural Movement, the SAIn Party, and the Youth Solidarity Path, invite you to join more than 30 solidarity marches organised throughout the month of December in Spain and Latin America, with the purposes of representing the voice of the impoverished in the streets and of emphasising that hunger and other attacks on human life can be eradicated if the political will exists

Frustrated Expectations


Almost half of Spanish youngsters would accept any job, anywhere, for a small salary. Eighty percent of them believe they have to depend economically on their families (or better said, on the retired in their families). Not even with Franco was the fear and desperation so great.

Persecution of Christians in the World


The deaths of a hundred thousand Christians in the world each year are met with a shameful silence in the mass media. And the 20th century was the century with most martyrs in all of history. In Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, and the Maldives, persecution is particularly destructive.

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