Press release about the recent serious events that have taken place in Ceuta and Melilla with African immigrants


This is a press release from the Internationalist Self-Management and Solidarity Party in light of the recent serious events that have taken place in Ceuta and Melilla with African immigrants.

Unlike the PSOE’s 40-year holiday, we have been politically active against Franquism for 40 years.

In light of the recent serious events taking place in Ceuta and Melilla in relation to African immigrants, we state:

  1. The dramatic situation that the beaten, hurt, detained and murdered immigrants had to go through when trying to climb over the fence in Ceuta and Melilla is another example of our society’s lack of solidarity and hypocrisy, and especially our government’s. We should not forget that there are thousands of people wandering through the Sahara Desert completely neglected by Morocco’s genocide government. Among these people, there are children and pregnant women whose fate is to die of starvation or to be shot dead by the border police.
  2. These death caravans are the utmost expression of a callously unfair world lacking in solidarity, where the ruling economic system has condemned the entire African continent to extermination. Would we be surprised if a prisoner waiting to be taken to the gas chamber tried to escape from a Nazi concentration camp? Obviously, we would not. However, we prefer to shut our eyes when it is our turn to show solidarity.
  3. We must express our repudiation to all the lies that are being spread around about immigrants. It is cynical to talk about a wave of immigrants taking jobs away from Spaniards, taking advantage of our resources, etc. Immigrants have always made the places where they arrived richer. Arzalluz even dared to call the immigrants who went to the Basque Country colonisers, when in fact they enriched the area, and then he failed to mention that the economic prosperity the Basque Country currently enjoys was built on dint of these immigrants.
  4. We must accuse our president: Mr. Rodríguez Zapatero of being an anti-socialist and lacking solidarity. Mr. Zapatero: You are capable of putting hardened and militarised borders into operation while you boast about how much you love poor people. You talk about an Alliance of Civilizations but you have increased military spending. You boast about helping the poor but you have sent them to the Army although not exactly to be embraced. Solidarity is exactly the opposite of paying presidential tourism and giving 0.7% to charity.

Mr. Zapatero, you are a traitor to solidarity!