The UN vs the Poor


The Convention of Children’s Rights, passed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1989, is an international treaty which governments are obliged to implement. It was ratified by all of the member nations apart from the USA and Somalia. The Catholic Church ratified it without any adaptations.

However, in February this year, the UN Committee for Children’s Rights published a report whose conclusions attacked the Church. It asked the institution to change its position on contraception, abortion, family education, and human sexuality.

The spokesperson of the Holy See criticised this UN report because “the way in which it was presented – along with the objections to and insistences on several cases in particular – shows that the report paid a lot of attention to the views of non-governmental organisations which are a priori hostile to the Church”.

The distance between the Church and the UN seems to be growing, principally in relation to two questions: the concept of religious freedom on one hand, and the politics of demographic control on the other. The UN wants the Church’s voice to either disappear or become silent. Meanwhile, it is supported and financed by the powerful Rockefeller, Ford, IPPF, and Bill and Melinda Gates foundations – in an attempt to achieve demographic control over the planet, and especially in impoverished nations. And the Church is seen as an obstacle to overcome in these attempts to achieve control.

In this context, Pope Francis has affirmed that: “just as the commandment of ‘thou shalt not kill’ places a clear limit to ensure the value of human life is clear, we must say today ‘no to an economy of exclusion and inequality’. That economy kills… The social and economic system is unjust at its roots”. The pope’s words reflected the fact that we find ourselves in a scientifically-planned war of the powerful against the weak.

At the moment, the UN helps to sustain the unjust and uncompassionate system that currently reigns in the world, which causes such serious problems for impoverished communities. Citizens across the planet should demand that the UN focusses on ending that system, along with the hunger, unemployment, child slavery, forced migration, attacks on lives and families, arms races, and war that it creates. These are all political crimes that must disappear, and must be denounced in the UN.

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