We therefore proclaim that associating the left-wing with abortion´s ´legitimacy´ is first and foremost a lie, and in addition, it directly contradicts the values that the Left vindicates.


To be authentically left-wing is to maintain a moral stance in defense of human life and its dignity, in all circumstances and at all stages of life from conception to natural death, against the neo-capitalist system that promotes a culture of death and lack of solidarity as a form of population control.

Unfortunately, the so-called political left, especially the parliamentary left, is the best manager of this culture of death, promoting laws such as euthanasia, abortion, etc. On the other hand, and in a coordinated way, the so-called right-wing, although, at times a part of it formally declares itself to be anti-abortionist, is also a promoter of the capitalist culture of death through its systemic apology for economic liberalism. In fact, in Spain, the abortion laws enacted by the official left were never repealed by the right when they came to power, which shows their complicity.

This pro-capitalist complicity of almost the entire political spectrum, from the extreme left to the extreme right, has recently become evident in France when abortion has been raised, by an overwhelming majority, to the category of a fundamental right, that is to say, a human right enshrined in the constitution.

We are left, socialist, because we categorically and unequivocally defend the socialization of means of production, because we fight against any form of exploitation of human beings, because we are against the oppression of the people by any imperialist power. But also because we defend human life as a supreme value, and we claim that nobody, in anybody´s name, can put an end to it. Moreover, we believe that it is a distinctive feature of the Right to find arguments and excuses to eliminate human life.

There have been countless times that super-capitalist right-wing regimes have legalized abortion in different parts of the world. People, such as Robert McNamara – from Vietnam – and the World Bank, have goaded abortion acceptance. They have imposed it as something convenient for multinational capitalist dominance. Hitler rejected it for his aria «race» but enforced it for those under his rule.

There´s life in the fertilized ovule

Relating abortion to the Left is a commonly held misconception. However, it is above all a contradiction: there is life, a unique human life in the fertilized ovule. In most cases, when an abortion is carried out, this life is destroyed by using the cruelest methods, which are suffered by the foetus. It is not just another part of the woman´s body, it is a unique individual, and as a human being, it has its rights, the same as elderly people, the handicapped, the mentally disabled, the terminally ill. All those people that would be included on a list of future targets by accepting abortion, because they might not be considered human beings with a right to live, but instead bothersome, unwanted members of society.

Despite whatever may be said, there is not any more reactionary claim than a person demanding a right over an unborn child. It is the most inconceivable claim of property. It is a shame that the Left should defend this so-called right. Moreover, in doing so, they are letting the Right, who by pursuing their own electoral interests and without actually caring about it, hypocritically monopolise the opposition to it.

We absolutely reject this shameful vindication, and considering the currently existent knowledge about embryology, the Left should not support this position. We are not only left-wing and we reject abortion, but also we are against it because we are left-wing. This only means accepting scientific information that determines where human life starts, and its consequences.

It is necessary for the Left to reconsider this issue with courage and rigour, human life is a supreme value from its conception to natural death. In line with this, we must take measures against abortion by fighting its causes, by assisting single mothers socially and legally in an efficient way, those who want to keep their children as well as those who decide to give them up for adoption.

Abortion is an atrocious violent act against unborn children and their mothers. The Left should fight to make women´s wombs the safest place for children, because this is naturally so. Likewise, society as a whole should protect mothers and children, before and after their birth.

Movimiento Cultural Cristiano