Let us tear down the walls of indifference and lack of solidarity


We are living in a historical moment in which we are led by a totalitarian despotism, a whole machinery of power and profit that seeks the subjugation of people through various institutions and mechanisms in which we all participate, from the economy, politics, culture, …

It is a totalitarianism that builds living hells, based on an economy that kills, as Pope Francis denounces, and whose interests are placed above the common good, with dynamics that function as autonomous mechanisms of theft and plunder to concentrate wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands.

The so-called “behavioral futures” are characterized by their novelty, in which predictions about our behavior are bought and sold, and even the production of goods and services is subordinated to a new “means of changing behavior,” as Shoshana Zuboff explains. It is, in the words of philosopher Byung-Chul, “a hypercapitalism that facilitates, expands, and accelerates the commercial exploitation of human life.”

Leading us toward this global totalitarianism is, among other things, the purpose of the Agenda 2030, programmed by the powerful and behind whose goals hide the pretense of achieving greater control over the population through various strategies, laws, and programs. These include the enforcement of abortion and eugenic laws, gender bio-ideologies, and a “capitalist ecology” that stigmatizes people, raises “false concerns” about environmental destruction rather than actual human and social destruction, etc

An Agenda 2030 that collaborates in the self-interested mutation of human rights, manufacturing other “rights” that directly attack the dignity of the human person. Human Rights, according to Professor Ruiz Albert, “are suffering a perversion that is being consummated in front of our eyes”. Because the projects (or delusions) of the advocates of neo-capitalism in the economic sphere, and of imperialism in the political sphere, as well as of the supporters of post-modern cultural progressivism, are incompatible with the understanding of the dignity of the person that underlies the essence of human rights themselves. The shell remains but inside there is only a vipers nest”.

What coercions and mechanisms are employed by the powerful in their power machinery to sustain the hells that the majority of humanity is condemned to in the face of this injustice, inequality, iniquity, death, and cultural and even anthropological transformation?

We can see that this new totalitarianism is entering a new phase: it has undertaken the conquest of the most strategic immaterial territory, the territory of conscience. The territory of what constitutes the core of the inalienable dignity of every human being. This totalitarianism provokes and achieves, among other things, that we can live with indifference and even with a clear conscience before the pain caused by these hells.

This totalitarianism presents us with narcissistic, hedonistic proposals, centered on consumption. It is the most direct way to lead any person to meaningless, to selfish ways of approaching life, and to accept any totalitarian, relativistic, or simply nihilistic approach.

Benedict XVI said that “each generation must conquer its freedom”. And this will only be possible if we consider a Revolution. A revolution where the ideal of justice and solidarity set the course to tear down the walls of injustice and indifference. Otherwise, we will be condemned to the subjugation and slavery of this new totalitarian system for the sake of the power of a few.

Let us keep alive the flame of the authentic vocation to which we are all called: to build a more human, more fraternal world where the impoverished and discarded are at the center. We encourage all men and women of goodwill to consecrate their lives to the pursuit of the common good. Only in this way can we find the true meaning of our existence.

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