Planned attack on human life


All human life is sacred. However, it is downtrodden daily in every corner of the earth. People die of hunger; millions of children are enslaved in a number of different jobs just as millions of adults find themselves without employment; thousands of families are denied the right to a house; wars are waged that fill the pockets of the few; humans are referred to as ‘illegals’; and millions of children are murdered. Abortion, for example, has become of the most disgusting crimes. Imagine it as the elimination of the most vulnerable human beings.

It is paradoxical that this attack, leaving millions of victims and damaging the lives of the mothers, has been referred to as a ‘right’. It has been planned and organised by the powerful and has permeated into a lethargic and passive society, which now considers it a ‘conquest’.

In the 1970s, the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future, headed by John Rockefeller III, was created. In 1974, the US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger presented a secret report, known as NSSM 200 – “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests” – in which demographic growth was considered a ‘threat’ that could compromise US access to the natural resources of other countries. It thus promoted birth control, along with a terminology that would make the concept more acceptable, such as “family planning” and “responsible parenting”. Since then, this proposal has been accepted and executed by States and international organisations (conferences of several UN agencies; multinational corporations; NGOs; political parties etc.) – with the purpose of provoking a decrease in the birth rate in certain regions, countries, and social groups.

The consequences are clear: the incidence of post-abortion trauma in over 90% of women (according to data from the IPPF – International Planned Parenthood Federation); modification of the ‘Population Pyramid’; the risk of not being able to maintain the current system of pensions and social benefits; hedonism; promotion of sexual relationships from a young age; exponential growth in profits of the sex industry and pornography; and economic benefits for those involved in the abortion sector.

In Spain, the two main governing parties, the PP and the PSOE, have both promoted abortion. We should be aware of this and denounce it. What type of society are we creating? Where will it lead us? What would we think of a society that allowed murder and considered it a right? We need to remain alert. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to become accomplices to this barbarism.

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